Tuesday, December 7, 2010

14th Amendment Artwork

I stumbled upon this piece of media, poster, on Flickr. I feel as though it obviously represents the 14th amendment. It says, "We Don't Do 'Less Equal'." I see that as someone taking a stance on their equality vs. the equality of others. We are all human, and we all should receive the same rights. Specifically when speaking of rights to being a naturalized citizen or a permanent resident, the 14th amendment came about and gave order to the dilemmas that were occurring. Around the time the 14th amendment was being written, freed black slaves were not given rights as citizens which made them 'less equal' then other members of society. I chose this poster because it simply gets the message of equality across, which I feel like the 14th amendment is strongly rooted on.

Flickr Media
By Hugh_Jack@ss

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