Tuesday, December 7, 2010

18th Amendment Artwork

I decided to do another piece of artwork for my second media piece because I stumbled upon something hilarious that is relevant to me and many other people who know their television comedies. The artwork is an image from The Simpsons, a cartoon comedy that parodies historical events, government, current events, pop culture, and everything else you can think of. Specifically this image come from the episode Homer VS. The Eighteenth Amendment. After an old paper is discovered that proves Springfield is a dry city, Homer loses it and enlists the aid of Bart to start smuggling alcohol from his basement to Moe’s. Hopefully this is as funny as I thought it would be. It made me think about an alternate future where the 18th amendment was not repealed. I feel as though it would cause chaos and disorder; maybe even a revolution, good thing the 18th amendment was repealed.

Homer VS. The 18th Amendment
From listverse.com
Top 10 Simpson Episodes

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